Banana Choc

Coconut & Fruit Pouches

One especially for the little people  in your lives: a snack that’s perfect for curious minds and growing bodies, with no dairy ingredients

Made from real sun-ripened poached fruit and drowned in nutritious coconut milk, which is rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals.

Our Banana Choc flavour is smooth   with no 'bits'.

    No gluten containing ingredients
    Vegetarian and gelatine free
    Vegan friendly → kinder to mother nature
    No Dairy Ingredients
    Great for lactose sensitive tummies
    Good for little tums
    No refined sugar
    Plant Based Goodness
    100% Plant Based kinder to Mother Nature
    No artificial colours, flavours or additives
    Natural and nutritious


    Coconut Milk (76%), Banana (7%), Apple Juice Concentrate, Water, Thickener (Maize Starch), Prebiotic Vegetable Fibre, Cocoa (1.5%), Lemon Juice, Natural Preservative (234).

    May contains traces of Nuts, Dairy and Egg. Whilst this recipe contains no dairy or gluten containing ingredients, and we take great care during processing, the facility it is made in does handle ingredients which contain dairy and gluten.

    Nutrition Info

    Servings per Pack: 1 Per 100g Per Serve (100g)
    Energy (kJ) 463 463
    (kCal) 111 111
    Protein 1.8 1.8
    Carbohydrate (g) 9.2 9.2
    Sugar (g) from fruit 7.9 7.9
    Fat (g) from coconut 9.1 9.1
    Saturated Fat (g) 7.7 7.7
    Sodium (mg) 24 24
    Banana Pouch

    Serving Suggestion

    Great for handbags and hungry tummies, lunch boxes and long car journeys. Or short ones. Or trolley rides. May also be used for bribery and other parenting / survival tactics.